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Top 5 RAM motorcycle mounts

1. U-Bolt
If your bike has handlebar space, this is the one number one mount, strong stable and allows for a wide range of interchangeable RAM cradles to be mounted in good line of sight . The U-bolt is supplied with two sized  ‘U’ and a half moon spacer .  The dimensions compatible with handlebars from 0.5″ to 1.25″




2. Centre fork stem mount
Sports bikes like Ducati and Yamaha do not have a round bar or rail handlebar so the next best mounting position  is the hollow centre fork stem on these bikes.  A small piece is custom cut and inserted into the column and expanded to wedge in the hollow, a Ram 1″ ball adapter makes up this part to team up with RAM double clamp and any cradle, GPS or Go pro adapter.

RAM Centre Fork Stem base for Motorcycles



3.Mirror mount for scooters
BMW M8 bolt.. The M8 bolt is an industry standard bolt on  most  BMW bikes . Remove a bolt from the handlebar and replace with the Ram-B-367u, and 1″ ball with hollow centre allowing the M8 bolt to sit in the centre, leaving. A neat 1″ball ready for the double clamp RAm-B-201U

RAM Motorcycle Mirror Mount


4. M10 bolts: Triumph, Kawasaki and some Yamaha motorcycles have a female threaded hole ready for this 1″ball with 1.25 pitch thread. Convenient located close to the brake clutch reservoir . Simple and neat.




5.Tough claw
The tough claw is a new RAM product and has similar clamping dimensions as the U-bolt mentioned above.  Made of high grade composite is it a quick easy on off base for any phone or GPS.


2016 Best Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmet

The evolution of Bluetooth has changed our lives in many ways regarding communication.

Bluetooth headsets for your motorcycle helmet has also morphed into a whole new world.

Once upon a time when your motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth was donned, you could make and receive phone calls, talk via intercom and listen to mono music.

Nowadays this has all change, crystal clear full stereo music, one button use of Siri, the ability to keep in touch via intercom with up to 8 of your riding mates.

All of these features as well as multi tasking and advanced noise reduction are standard on the Sena 20S making it the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet option available to see more technical information  click on this link Sena 20s bluetooth intercom.

2016 Best Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmet

Video tutorials are also available http://www.sena.com/support/video-guide/ these will guide you through all of the functionalities of the 20S Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmets giving you a great overview of it’s capabilities incuding the free App.

Finally if the urge gets to you, you can click on this link to purchase this great product.

The new Sena 10S has been released as the replacement for the SMH10

Sena 10S: The new Sena 10S has been released as the replacement for the SMH10 with advanced feature.

  • It uses Bluetooth 4.1 and Universal Intercom technology
  • Just like the 20S it can be used in conjunction with the free Sena phone App.
  • Improved speakers it delivers crystal clear HD sound and Advanced Noise Control
  • Although it looks different to the SMH10 it is backwards compatible with the SMH10 Clamp kits, the
  • Bluetooth Audio Recording
  • New clamp kits offer the ability to connect ear buds
  • Intercom range between riders is up to 1.6KMS it also boasts Universal Intercom protocol allowing
  • Connection to the Sena range of intercoms and non Sena Bluetooth Headsets

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Sena BT10-01 bluetooth intercom system road tested

Mic_001-main-500x362Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, so last week I took the wife and kids on a favourite family outing.  A visit to the local Air Show also seemed the perfect chance to put our latest communication device through its paces.  Point is, we all love planes and the exhibits – and all the sideshow knickknacks – but now that the kids are in their teens, we don’t all share the same likes at exactly the same time.  But we do have the simple need to chat and to know where to find each other.  SENA’s Bluetooth Mic and Intercom  BT10-01 solves that problem in excellent fashion – and saves on hefty mobile phone hardware costs and charges.

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Selfie stick monopod for iPhone & Android

Selfie sticklgeThe Bluetooth Selfie Stick is the gotta-have-it smartphone accessory of our time.

Social networking spawned the “selfie”: it was never enough just to “be there” – selfies make you part of the action. That is why blurry happy snaps are just not going to cut it; now that images are shared right across the media. The quality of the shot has become all important.

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iPad Air cover & iPad Air mount. Simply the best.

Lifeproof ipad air cradlelgeWhether your tablet is an indispensable work tool or a trusty entertainment device, the latest iPad Air accessories from Lifeproof and Ram are must-haves.

Often, you’ll find the costly gadget you were smitten with in the showroom will struggle in the world of hard knocks. Who hasn’t had a mobile phone slip from their fingers, or seen their favourite phablet slip off the table? The results aren’t pretty – nicks and scuffs if you’re lucky – a shattered screen if you’re not; that is, if the item continues to work at all.

The real problem is that the high-tech gadget market is something of a beauty contest, where function frequently takes a “back seat” to form. Not only must a device perform, it must also have a sharp display, be lithe and lightweight, and have flowing curvaceous lines – it’s gotta be sexy to beat the opposition.

Luckily, there is a thriving aftermarket catering for device deficiencies. Now, Mr Mobile has paired two excellent offerings from a couple of the best-known accessory providers, to make your device more usable, whenever you are on the go.

First, the aptly named Lifeproof, whose go-anywhere Nuud case provides robust protection and fits the iPad Air like a glove – without detracting from its stylish good looks.

Nuud’s 200 gram Mil-spec case allows full access to the functions and controls of the iPad Air, including operation of the touchscreen – very important if you are to maintain functionality in a mobile situation. It does this while providing a superior level of dust, water and snow ingress protection. Most importantly, Nuud adds a ton of shock resistance, allowing the iPad Air to withstand drops of 1.2 meters. Additional features include inbuilt sound channels, which enhance the iPad Air’s own speakers, and an optical glass lens, allowing crystal clear pics from iPad Air’s own camera.

Then, from mount-maker RAM, comes a quick-release device mount, matched to accept a special Lifeproof designed cradle. The re-positionable mount attaches to the interior of your vehicle. It employs a short linking arm, hinged at each end on gimbles – until it is fixed in the preferred position, one end connecting the mount, the other end connected to the cradle. The mount and cradle form a single device which keeps an unremitting grip on the iPad Air, holding it in its optimum operating position, ready for action, whenever needed. The cradle is also lockable, to provide maximum security for your iPad Air.

Then, when you arrive at your destination, the iPad Air, sheathed in its protective Nuud case, is simply detached from the cradle, to move with you, enhancing your productivity, and keeping you connected, so you’ll never miss a beat.

So that’s it: Nuud, a protective case allowing uninterrupted touch response; and the Ram/ Lifeproof mount & cradle bundle, to hold on tight to what you’ve got, giving you hands-free operation when you’re in a vehicle. Simple ideas that just make great sense.

You can see the iPad Air mounts here and here.

You can see the Lifeproof iPad Air cover here.

Sena 20S review video for bluetooth headset



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GoPro alternative from Sena

With the Sports Action Camera market so hot in these video-hungry times, it takes guts to enter the game and go against the best. Of course, it can only help if you have a secret punch. That is what Sena is betting on with the Prism Sports Action Camera, the latest addition to its Bluetooth networked family of mobile gadgets. Click Here To Read More

Sena firmware 5.0 update

Sena has just made it easier than ever to have conversations on the road with their new firmware upgrade for the SMH10 Bluetooth headset. This new update features impressive enhancements to an already highly versatile product, improving on functionality and allowing for cross-band interoperability.

One of the key things that set Sena apart from their competitors is an ongoing dedication to offering frequent free firmware updates for their full product-line. They understand that because Bluetooth technology is constantly evolving, customers require ongoing support to ensure their headset experience remains top-notch. Click Here To Read More

Watch TV on iPad, iPhone & Android without using internet

The new iDTV is a device that allows viewing of live television on iOS and Android devices. A long requested feature for phones and tablets, the devices rely on regular TV transmissions and therefore don’t use your data or internet connection.

For too long have phone and tablet users depended on content providers to make television and videos available for streaming in order to enjoy live or recent video content. This trend has been increasing in recent times with Foxtel offering its Foxtel Go service on phones & tablets and the free-to-air stations providing mobile compatibility with their catch-up services. As great as ABC’s iview is, it uses a lot of the average user’s mobile data allowance. Click Here To Read More